Team Records & Highlights:
2013 Spring Track: 4-3, Bob McIntosh League Champion Pole Vault
2013 Winter Track: 1st time Meet of Championship CHAMPION - Randall Johnson (jr) in High Jump 6-4
2012 Spring Track: 4-3, Kiwanis winner, 4th in SOL, 5th in District 1, 10th in State
2011 Spring Track: 3-4 (rebuild year)
2010 Spring Track: 7-0, 3-peat Kiwanis winner, District 1 AAA Team Champions, PIAA AAA Team Champion-Runner UP
2010 Indoor Track: 4th in the state
2009 XC: 4-3, 3rd in League, 11th in District (w/out #4), Gregor & Waddington qualified for State Championships
2009 Spring Track: 3-4 (rebuild year)
2009 Winter Track: 3rd place in the State
2008 Cross Country: 3-4 record, 5th in League, 14th @ Districts
2008 Spring Track: 6-1, Winner of Annual Kiwanis Invite, 2nd in league All League Honors 2008.doc, 5th in District 1, 6th in State
2007 Cross Country: 6-1, 7th in District 1, Tom Mallon qualified for State Championships
2007 Spring Track: +.500 season
2006 Cross Country: League Champs (6-1); 7th in District 1, Bob Greer & Mike Tarkoff qualified for State Championships
2006 Spring Track: 8-0 Undefeated-League Champs
2005 Cross Country: +.500 7th District 1, Bob Greer qualified for State Championships
2005 Spring Track: +.500 season
2004 Cross Country: +.500 season, Kyle Murray qualified for State Championships

State Placers:
Tim Deley - 4th place High Jump (2013 PTFCA Winter State Championships)
4x4 - 8th place: Tim Deley, Dan Corney, Casey Bell, Randall Johnson (2013 PTFCA Winter State Championships)
Ryan Hynes - State Champion 100m (2012)
4x1 Relay (Taylor Berkeley, Dom Melair, Nico Scipione, Ryan Hynes) 4th (2012)
Ryan Hynes - 8th 300m Hurdles (2012)
4x8 (Waddington, Andrew Bernardo, Dickson, Gregor) - 6th, 2011 Outdoor State Championships
Ryan Hynes - 7th - 300 Hurdles
DMR (Waddington, Ryan Hynes, Ryan Dickson, Gregor) - 5th, 2011 Indoor State Championships
Austin Gregor - Mile, 6th, 2011 Indoor State Championships
Joe Waddington - Mile, 10th, 2011 Indoor State Championships
Austin Gregor - 18th XC State Championships (2010)
Tom Mallon, 800m, 1st, 2010 Outdoor - New State Record! ... All-Time Pa Best (@ Henderson Distance Festival)
4x1 (Knuckles, Zerdoum, Dougherty, Eisemann), 1st, 2010 Outdoor
4x4 (Eisemann, Drozd, Zerdoum, Mallon), 5th, 2010 Outdoor
Tom Mallon, Mile, 1st, 2010 Indoor
Tom Mallon, 800m, 3rd, 2010 Indoor
Jon Eisemann, 60m, 3rd, 2010 Indoor
4x2 (Knuckles, Zerdoum, Dougherty, Eisemann), 3rd, 2010 Indoor
State & National Record Holders, 2009 Outdoor 4x8 (Dickson, Manion, Poiesz, Mallon)
Tom Mallon, 2009 Outdoor 800m, 1st
Tom Mallon, 2009 Indoor 800m, 1st & NEW STATE RECORD (US #1)
4x800 (Dickson, Manion, Poiesz, Mallon), 2009 Indoor, 1st & .02 from state record (US #2)
Tom Mallon, 2008 Outdoor 800m, 1st
Derek Hynes, 2008 Outdoor Pole Vault, 6th
4x800 (Campbell, Manion/Dickson, Poiesz, Mallon), 2008 Outdoor, 4th
4x400 (Byrnes, Turchick, Wolfe, Poiesz), 2008 Outdoor, 8th
Derek Hynes, 2008 Indoor Pole Vault, 1st
Tom Mallon, 2008 Indoor 800m, 8th
Vince Formica, 2008 Indoor Long Jump, 2nd
DMR (Sean Stetler, VInce Formica, Tim Walsh, Bob Greer), 2007 Indoor, 8th
Vince Formica, 2007 Outdoor Long Jump, 7th
Vince Formica, 2007 Indoor Long Jump, 3rd
Kyle Murray, 2005 Cross Country

District Placers:
Bob McIntosh - 4th Pole Vault (2013)
Ryan Hynes - 2nd 100m (2012)
4x1 (Berkeley, Melair, ScipIone, Hynes) 3rd (2012)
Hynes - 5th 300m Hurdles (2012)
Jared Rosenholtz- 5th Shot Put (2012)
Ryan Hynes, 2011, 300 Hurdles, 3rd
Austin Gregor, 2011, 1600, 6th
4x8 Relay (Waddington, Ryan Dickson, Andrew Bernardo, Gregor), 2011, 4th
Austin Gregor (18th) & Joe Waddington (22nd) - qualified for State Championships
Tom Mallon, 1st, 800m, 2010 Outdoor
4x1 (Knuckles, Zerdoum, Dougherty, Eisemann) 1st, 2010 Outdoor
Jon Eisemann, 3rd, 100m, 2010 Outdoor
Nick Drozd, 5th, 300m Hurdles, 2010 Outdoor
4x4 (Eisemann, Drozd, Zerdoum, Mallon), 4th, 2010 Outdoor
4x8 (Waddington, Denno, Gregor, Mallon), 3rd, 2010 Outdoor
Tom Mallon (7th) & Austin Gregor (28th), 2009 Cross Country - qualified for State Championships
4x8, 1st, 2009 Outdoor
Tom Mallon, 1st, 2009 Outdoor
RL Knuckles, 3rd, 2009 Outdoor
Tom Mallon, 19th Cross Country Districts
4x8 (Brian Campbell, Dave Manion/Jeff Dickson, Matt Poiesz, Tom Mallon) 2nd 2008
4x4 (Evan Byrnes, Rob Turchick, Eric Wolfe, Matt Poiesz) 3rd 2008
4x1 (RL Knuckles, Rob Turchick, Tyler Dougherty, Vince Formica) 5th 2008
Tom Mallon, 2008 Outdoor 800m, 2nd
Derek Hynes, 2008 Outdoor Pole Vault, 3rd
Vince Formica, 2008 Outdoor Long Jump, 5th
Vince Formica, 2007 Outdoor Long Jump, 1st
4 x 1 (Vince Formica, Eric Reynolds, Colin Donnelly, Matt Poiesz), 2007, 4th
4 x 1 (Vince Formica, Eric Reynolds, Colin Donnelly, John Gibson), 2006, 2nd
Vince Formica, 2006 Outdoor Long Jump, 8th
Duane Hynes, 2005 Outdoor, 1st: Long Jump, Pole Vault; 2nd: 110 Hurdles, 300 Hurdles

League Placers:
2013: McIntosh PV 1st, Johson 4th 100 3rd HJ, Deley 4th 200, Chappell 800 2nd, 4x8 3rd, 4x1 2nd, 4x4 3rd
2012: Hynes 200m, 300m Hurdles, Long Jump; Tim Deley High Jump
2012 4x1 Relay (Berkeley, Randall Johnson, Scipione, Hynes)
Back-to-Back 300 Hurdle Champions: Drew Cameron 2009, Nick Drozd 2010, Ryan Hynes 2011, Ryan Hynes 2012
2010 Spring Track: League Champs in 100 (record), 200 (record), 800 (record), 1600, 4x1, 4x4
XC '08 ~ Mallon 1st, Dickon 2nd, Manion 3rd, Poiesz HR
All League Awards.rtf - Track 2008
We have had a LOT since the 2008 Track season ... including many League Champs.