Here is past and current performance listings:
*Records are listed here and will try to be updated on the SCHOOL RECORDS page at the same time.
*If you feel any times are inaccurate or records are inaccurate or I may have missed a time/jump/throw from the past, please inform me and I will do some digging in the past to find proof. Statements of "I think I ran ..." will not fly here.

2013-2014 XC, Winter/Spring Track & Field Performances
Winter Track & Field
2013 Cross Country

2012-2013 Winter & Spring Performances

2011-2012 Winter & Spring Performances
- final
Indoor Performances 2011-2012 updated.xlsx

2010-2011 Winter & Spring Performances
2011 Outdoor Performances.xls
Indoor Performances 2010-2011.xlsx
2010 Cross Country

2009-2010 Winter & Spring Performances
2010 Outdoor Performances.xls
Performance List Indoor 09-10
2009 Cross Country

2008-2009 Winter & Spring Performances
2009 Outdoor Performances.xls
Indoor Track Performances 08-09.xls

2008 Cross Country Performances

2008 Spring Performances
2008 Outdoor Performances.xls

2007 Winter Performances

2007 Spring Performances